Kay says goodbye to FaZe Clan in YouTube return following crypto scandal

kay leaves faze return vlogYouTube: Kay

YouTuber Frazier ‘Kay’ Khattri, formerly known as FaZe Kay as a long-standing member of the popular esports and content organization, has made his return to YouTube after a few months off.

In July, FaZe Clan announced that they had removed Kay from the org and suspended his little brother Jarvis, alongside both Teeqo and Nikan.

While Teeqo has since been reinstated to the organization, we’ve not heard much from the other three. While Jarvis and Nikan have been almost radio silent, Kay has put out several videos attempting to prove his innocence in the Save the Kids scandal.

Now, Kay has made his return to YouTube, in a video that seems to indirectly answer many questions that fans may have.

FaZe Kay Addresses SaveTheKids Crypto ScamYouTube: Kay
FaZe Kay was kicked from FaZe Clan due to his involvement in the Save the Kids scandal.

Titled “Goodbye FaZe Kay | A New Beginning,” any idea that he might end up rejoining the organization with whom he spent most of his adult life appears to be dead in the water.

Instead, Kay casts a much calmer figure as he works out with Jarvis, hangs out with old school friends and gifts a new gaming PC to someone who featured in one of his old YouTube videos.

He says that he’s “really excited for some of the videos we have planned,” adding that it’s “just going to be me, for real. None of the fakeness. None of that dude screaming down the camera.”

The video mentions a lot of plans for content alongside brother Jarvis, which could point to him also saying goodbye to FaZe Clan on a permanent basis.

It’s unlikely this is the end of the discussion surrounding the Save the Kids scandal, especially with FaZe co-owner Banks even suggesting that jail time could be on the cards, but Kay is clearly motivated to distance himself and get his content going once again.

Whether he addresses this further in a later video remains to be seen.