Katerino finally addresses CallMeCarson cheating scandal

Virginia Glaze
Katerino, YouTube

Popular YouTuber ‘CallMeCarson’ appeared to confirm rumors that girlfriend ‘Katerino’ had cheated on him with friend ‘Fitz’ — and Katerino herself has finally come out with the full story.

CallMeCarson notably stepped back from YouTube in early March, admitting in a series of Tweets that he was taking an indefinite hiatus from content creation due to “personal events” and “mental health.”

Nearly a month later, Carson seemed to confirm that these “personal events” included relationship problems with his girlfriend, Twitch streamer ‘Katerino,’ who had allegedly cheated on him with friend and fellow YouTuber ‘Fitz.’

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After a long period of silence from both Katerino and Fitz, Carson’s ex-girlfriend has since come out with her own explanation of events, admitting that she had cheated on Carson with Fitz as was speculated by fans.

In her short video on the topic, uploaded on April 14, Katerino explained that she and Carson had initially gotten involved with each other while she was dating her former boyfriend, claiming that she had “led him on” although clarifying that she and Carson were not romantic.

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katerinotv, Instagram
Twitch streamer Katerino admitted to cheating on YouTuber CallMeCarson in a video uploaded on April 14 – nearly a month after her ex-boyfriend announced his hiatus from content creation over “personal events.”

“I ignored very conflicting feelings and thoughts, and I was very lost and confused,” the streamer said. “I didn’t know what I wanted or what was important to me. This was when I got involved with Fitz.”

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She went on to explain that she’d “handled things similarly” in regards to her relationship with Fitz, and apologized to viewers for her actions in wake of the viral drama that has shaken up Carson’s fanbase.

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“I hurt both him and Carson, and their friendship, as well,” she continued. “Carson and I streamed together, and the community saw us as a couple, which we encouraged. It felt really good to have a positive impact on so many people.”

Katerino also admitted that she is currently in therapy for what she called “depersonalization,” and is taking time away from streaming in an effort to live her life more “openly and honestly.”

Carson’s fans have since expressed their disappointment in Katerino’s behavior, although Carson has made it clear that he does not want viewers to “witch hunt” neither she nor Fitz over a matter that has blown a massive hole in both his personal and public life.

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