Karl Jacobs, Quackity and Austin change their song name after it sparks debate

AustinShow, Quackity, and Karl Jacobs posing with instrumentsTwitter: KarlJacobs

Popular content creators Karl Jacobs, Quackity, and AustinShow changed the name of a song they made on stream after coming under fire from fans on Twitter. 

It’s not unusual to see Twitch streamers and YouTubers step away from their usual content and show off a different artistic side of themselves.

Many have created music in the past – be it a legitimately good song that involves high-quality production or a funny parody, diss track that aims to settle a beef.

During their March 14 stream, Karl Jacobs, Quackity, and AustinShow put together a song in just over an hours time, however, the first name they chose didn’t go down great with everyone.

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Karl Jacobs, Quackity, and AustinShow making a song with instrumentsTwitch: Karl Jacobs
The trio put their song together in less than 90 minutes.

Originally, their short hit was called ‘Bussin’ and, unsurprisingly, fans managed to get the hashtag StreamBussin trending on Twitter.

As the trend grew stronger, some users criticized the content creators for appropriating African American Vernacular English with the use of ‘Bussin’.

“Y’all misuse aave so much that y’all are making nonsensical statements just to sound cool or smth, bussin doesn’t even make sense in this context please stop appropriating aave,” said one viral tweet. “Kinda upsets me how often ccs use aave but pls do not trend/continue to use the tag #streambussin if you arent black,” said another. 

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Shortly after, the name of the song was altered to ‘Sapnap out the Gang’ – referencing Sapnap from the DreamSNP Minecraft server. However, it’s been changed even further to be known as ‘Sapnaps Are Ruining My Life!’

Fans applauded the group for listening to the criticism and making a change, with others saying the debate has prompted them to do more research. “Thank you karl and quackity for changing the name of the song as soon as they realized it was wrong for everyone else bussin is AAVE,” read one tweet.

None of the trio responded to the criticism of the name, outside of changing the name twice over, but they did tease more collaborations in the future.

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So fans will have to wait and see what they’ve got in store next.