Kai Cenat claps back at Dillon Danis after he “disrespected” his Twitch fanbase

Kai Cenat pops off on Dillon Danis after fighter insults his Twitch fansYouTube: Misfits Boxing / Twitch: Kai Cenat

Twitch star Kai Cenat clashed with mixed martial artist Dillon Danis after the fighter insulted his fanbase, calling his viewers “premature” boys in a live-streamed interview with KSI.

YouTube-boxer KSI is set to face off with Dillon Danis on January 14, 2023, marking one of the influencer’s biggest matches yet.

Before these two meet in the ring, popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat gathered them together for an interview on his channel — a broadcast that has garnered over 2 million views at the time of writing.

Although the boxers exchanged quite a bit of trash-talk between themselves, Danis also took shots at Kai Cenat’s fanbase after the streamer claimed he ran a poll where viewers heavily favored KSI as the victor of their upcoming bout.

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“I did a little poll and I said, ‘Yo, who is going to win the fight?'” Cenat explained. “Dillon, you are, by miles, the underdog in this situation. How does this make you feel mentally? Does it take a toll on you? Does it make you a little nervous? How does it make you feel?”

“‘Cause you don’t have men in [your fanbase],” Danis shot back. “You guys have the same fanbase. It’s just like premature soyboys.”

“Yo, what the f*ck?” Cenat shouted.

“I’m just saying, you have no men in there, bro.” Danis shot back.

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Kai Cenat pops off on Dillon Danis on Twitch during KSI interview

Things escalated after that, with Cenat actually ripping off his tanktop when Danis claimed he was “probably the only man that’ll watch your sh*t.”

“I’m not the f*cking one!” Cenat clapped back. “You’re not about to do all that sh*t talking on my sh*t. F*ck is you talking about? Do you understand me bro?”

While it’s possible that their argument was merely an impromptu joke, fans were clearly eating it up, with Cenat’s Twitch chat full of hilarious comments and emotes.

Cenat’s stream also saw KSI admit that he would “love” to fight Andrew Tate in 2023 after his bout with Danis — although it’s unclear if this match will come to pass, considering Tate’s apparent interest in fighting Jake after the two faced off twice in the past month.

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