K9Kuro admits six-figure tax debt led to VShojo debut

K9Kuro, VShojo's newest and first male member during debut.K9Kuro

VShojo’s newest member K9Kuro has admitted that one of the big reasons he joined was how helpful Ironmouse and the agency’s CEO were in helping him manage his taxes after accumulating a £350,000 debt.

VShojo has been growing rapidly, with Geega debuting on September 2 and Kuro Kurenai following on September 30.

These new additions are the first since the mass exodus in April 2023, which saw Nyanners, Silvervale, and Veibae all leave the company, opting against renewing their contracts.

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Now the first male VShojo member has revealed why he ended up joining the group despite originally planning to be independent.

Ironmouse and VShojo’s CEO helped K9Kuro ease tax debt

Speaking on stream, K9Kuro admitted his difficult tax situation was the initial trigger for his eventual VShojo debut as it pushed him to reach out to Ironmouse for advice.

“I wasn’t originally planning on joining VShojo. I was planning to start my own thing for a long while but things fell into place. I was in a really bad situation in regard to taxes. I still kinda am but I was so f**ked up. There was around £350k in tax worth that I needed to take care of,” the VShojo member admitted.

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K9Kuro continued: “I didn’t know what to do. In my current situation at the time, I wasn’t offered any support about it so I outsourced it and I asked my friends what I could do. One of those friends was Mousey, and Mousey was like ‘I think I know someone who can help you with that’.”

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From there Ironmouse got K9Kuro in contact with Gunrun, VShojo’s CEO. Gunrun offered Kuro advice on how to fix his tax situation, regularly checking in to make sure he was okay over a period of four months.

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“You set off a chain of events so many months ago. My life would be so different without you. I can’t believe one conversation set off so many chains of events. You went out of your way to help me, and so did Gunrun. I really owe you guys a lot,” Kuro said speaking on Ironmouse and the VShojo CEO.

Since debuting K9Kuro has already accrued 100,000 Twitch followers and over 160,000 Twitter followers. The new VShojo member has committed to streaming every day from 9 am UTC for seven to eight hours.

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