VShojo announces Henya The Genius, their second original VTuber

Twitter: Henya the Genius

VShojo, the US based VTuber talent agency, has announced their second original VTuber, Henya the Genius, will be making her debut on May 13

Their first original VTuber, Amemiya Nazuna, debuted in July 2022. She was initially launched as part of the agency’s Japanese unit, VShojo NEXT. Amemiya’s announcement was in contrast to the agency’s tendency to sign independent VTubers into their roster.

Despite having a date and time for Henya’s debut, it is unsure if she would be on the English or Japanese speaking branch. However based of her tweets, which are in english, it could be speculated she is joining the english branch. 

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Henya’s debut was teased across several animated videos, inspired from shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls, which showed her background story. Which concluded in the announcement tweet. Showing her story intersects with Zentreya. 

Henya’s twitter account also brought in alot of fanfare. Her first tweet writes, “no one can see me yet because no one knows my Twitter account. So~ I can say whatever I want right now?”

To which she followed it up with a very simple tweet which says, “BOOBS!”

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VShojo has had a rough past month. The VTuber agency has seen some of their biggest streamers leave the company due to the talents opting out of renewing their contracts. 

Silvervale and Veibae announced they were leaving the agency on April 26, and days later on May 1 Nyanners announced she too was leaving for the same reason. Veibae and Nyanners would go on to sign onto Mythic Talent.

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