Josh Richards & Mads Lewis shock TikTok with video after Nessa & Jaden drama

. 1 year ago
Mads Lewis and Josh Richards next to each other
Instagram: madslewis / YouTube: Josh Richards

Fans are freaking out after Josh Richards and Mads Lewis uploaded a TikTok together, months after the drama between them and their exes Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler, with some people saying “this is what we were all waiting for.”

The internet went crazy back in April after Mads Lewis uploaded a TikTok implying Jaden Hossler had left her for Nessa Barrett, and some very public drama ensued.

Nessa and Jaden were quick to show that they were publicly dating, and they both received an enormous amount of backlash from people who didn’t agree with their actions, and who sided with Mads & Nessa’s ex Josh Richards.

At the time, Josh called out Mads for being the one to take the drama so public, saying about her quickly-deleted TikTok: “We didn’t even have it figured out between us four, or like the friend group or whatever. So it’s like, how are we gonna start throwing sh*t on social media when we don’t even know what’s going on.”

Things have definitely quietened down in the months since the drama began, but Josh and Mads have surprised everyone yet again by uploading a TikTok of them together.

The July 2 video shows the pair sitting next to each other outside, with Mads eating something and laughing. With a dramatic theme song in the background, the pair simply sit and look at the camera and occasionally each other. Mads also uploaded a similar video of them lip-syncing to a popular TikTok sound.

Although it was a simple video, it didn’t take long for fans to flood into the comments, shocked by the unexpected collaboration.

“When I tell you my jaw dropped,” one wrote, with another saying, “been waiting for this one, turn it up.”

Comments under Josh Richards' TikTok

One fan claimed that, “this is what we were all waiting for,” with others describing the video as “iconic.” There are also plenty of comments referring to Nessa and Jaden directly, with one viewer writing, “Nessa and Jaden punching the air right now.”

Comments under Josh Richards' TikTok

Comments under Josh Richards' TikTok

It’s not clear what reaction the pair expected to get from the surprise TikTok, but with Josh’s video currently at over 1 million likes, it’s clear that it was a hit with fans.

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