John Rich sparks backlash after disabled person calls him out

Christy Mathew
Screenshot of John Rich and PotatumInstagram: johnrichofficial/ Twitter: TizzyEnt

Musician and songwriter John Rich has come under fire for commenting on a disabled person’s physical appearance, leading to a number of his fans trolling her online.

A TikTok user by the name Potatum started going viral on Twitter, with Potatum herself stating in her bio that she is autistic.

In a video posted to the platform, she voiced her concerns about Americans no longer taking precautions against the virus. This video reached the musician, leading him to comment on the video.

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John told the user to go outside in the sun and get some vitamin D. He reacted to Potatum’s video and called her a “poor girl” as he stated how vitamin D-deficient people are more likely to get hospitalized because of the virus.

The American songwriter told Potatum to get some sunshine and move ahead, leading to many of his followers to take to Potatum’s comment section.

They insulted her, which led to her posting a follow-up video as she claimed that the country superstar harassed her.

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Potatum hits back John Rich

The TikToker began her video as she shared her frustration as she is a high-risk immunocompromised disabled person. She mocked the American musician and said she did not expect her words would “move” the singer so much.

Potatum even mocked John’s choice of having an American flag emoji on his name and said, “Whenever I see an American flag in a display name, I die inside, because people who craft their entire personality around being born in the U.S. don’t tend to see eye-to-eye with me.”

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She added, “I checked his profile and saw that he was the lesser half of my boomer dad’s favorite country group Big & Rich.”

Potatum called out the 50-year-old for choosing to take digs at her physical appearance and spreading misinformation regarding human health. She continued to share that after the songwriter’s attack, there were several “misinformed” individuals who made gross comments.

The TikToker revealed she had to hide a lot of the comments and mentioned some of the names she was called.

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Internet mocks John Rich

Many users online responded to the video, which was shared by a user called TizzyEnt on Twitter and agreed with Potatum as they called Rich a problematic person and a bully.

Some revealed they do not know him while others mocked his singing voice by commenting, “I had never heard of him before. I watched 1/3 of one of his videos. He has the same high-pitched nasal voice as 95% of male country singers.”

Another said: “So I went to his Twitter & I had already blocked him! I don’t remember why or when but I must have been disgusted with him before!”

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Another person could not believe how low people will stoop to prove their points as they expressed their shock and wrote, “I still can’t believe that this happened to her. Not only is he an AH, but so is everyone that felt the need to come at her for her health issues. What in the actual…. How is this our reality? How have we sunk so low that this is now acceptable?”

Potatum later added that celebrities who use their fans as a weapon against disabled people should not be called celebrities.

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