Joey Swoll slams Chelsea star for trying to embarrass man in gym on his Instagram

Joey Swoll in red hoodie side by side with screenshot of man in gymTikTok: Joey Swoll

TikTok star Joey Swoll has gone a bit viral after calling out Chelsea star Mykhailo Mudryk for videoing a man in the gym, telling him to “mind your own business.”

Over the last few months, TikTok users have become increasingly obsessed with a few different genres of videos. These have included delivery drivers arguing with customers, people putting companies on blast after a surprise firing, and also mocking those who film their workouts in a gym. 

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The latter of which has spawned a fair few creators who have also amplified the disgust. That includes Joey Swoll, who has racked up close to 7 million followers on TikTok, calling out “toxic” gym-goers. 

He’s had plenty of interactions with different ‘influencers’ and random TikTok users, but on May 23, he stunned the internet after calling out Chelsea’s Ukrainian football star Mykhailo Mudryk for filming a man. 

Joey Swoll blasts Chelsea’s Mykhailo Mudryk for calling out gym-goer

That’s right, a crossover that barely anyone could have seen coming, but after Mudryk uploaded a short Instagram video questioning a man who was being coached on how to use the rowing machine, Swoll was called into action. 

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“So you see that man at the gym, working hard, trying to better himself with a trainer, he’s in an embarrassing situation where, yes, he’s a little exposed and you decide, hey, let me take a video of it to post on social media to make fun of him, all for attention,” the TikToker said, kicking off his rant.

“Really? Pardon my language, but what the f*ck is wrong with you? And you’re a professional soccer player. You play for Chelsea in the Premier League! Is this how you want to represent yourself and your team?”

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Joey then recanted a story where he had been in a similar situation and decided to offer some help to the rookie gym-goer – which ultimately helped them out. 

The internet has been pretty stunned by the crossover, with many being shocked he was calling out the £100 million forward. “Joey, even if I tried, I guess I could never express how much I admire you for always taking a stand for what is right,” said one. 

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“Chelsea spent almost 100 mill on Mudryk, just for his most memorable moment this season to be getting cooked by Joey Swoll,” added another. “There’s no way anyone had this on their 2023 bingo card,” another commented.

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