Who is Joey Swoll on TikTok? Viral coach combats “toxic” fitness culture

Instagram: JoeySwoll/TikTok

TikToker Joey Swoll has amassed almost three million followers on the app with even more views across his viral videos. But who is he, and what about him has fans hooked? 

Joey Swoll is an active gym-goer and appears to be a full-time trainer/coach according to his website. 18 months after beginning his recovery from addiction and dealing with suicidal thoughts, Joey decided to bring more positivity into the fitness world.

He’s gone viral on TikTok for sharing encouraging messages to people looking to join the fitness lifestyle while condemning “toxic” gym trends he simply sees too much of online.

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TikToker ‘TheJoeySwoll‘ has gained almost three million followers on the platform, with even more views across his viral videos. Here’s everything we know about Joey.

Joey Swoll Gym Positivity tiktokTikTok: TheJoeySwoll
Joey has amassed almost 3 million followers as of April 13, 2022.

Who is Joey Swoll on TikTok

When it comes to his TikTok channel, the creator has a wholesome approach when it comes to talking to people in a gym. The self-proclaimed “CEO of Gym Positivity” uses his platform to spread positivity throughout the community, calling out toxic comments and videos.

On April 3, Joey uploaded a video calling out a creator who uploaded a video to make fun of someone’s outfit leaving the gym.

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“This might be one of the most disgusting videos I’ve ever seen on TikTok,” he exclaimed. “The fact that you stopped your car to act like you were going to be kind and let the man cross the street just to take your phone out to take a video of him to make fun of him on TikTok.”

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Swoll has reacted to a wide variety of videos from gym-goers insulting other people and he’s actively working to improve how those in the fitness community react to these negative trends.

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In another extremely viral video with over 27 million views, Swoll called another creator out for calling someone a slur after they walked into their recording.

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This is just a glimpse at his channel, but it maintains the same theme throughout his 88 uploaded videos. He’s amassed over 38 million likes across his uploads, with many of them being pushed to users’ FYP.

The popular app has continued to provide viewers with a wide variety of viral creators since its inception in 2016. The app has helped creators like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio build platforms that have given them opportunities outside of social media.

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For instance, Addison Rae has landed movie roles while Charli and her sister Dixie have gone the route of music performances.

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