Joe Rogan shuts down conspiracy that Logan Paul was “knocked out” by Floyd Mayweather

Brent Koepp
Joe Rogan next to YouTuber Logan PaulYouTube: JRE Clips / Amanda Westcott for SHOWTIME

Popular UFC commentator Joe Rogan called out critics claiming Logan Paul was knocked out by Floyd Mayweather during their June 6 boxing match. The comedian debunked the conspiracy theories on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Joe Rogan hasn’t been shy about his praise for the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather exhibition match. The podcast host called the event “genius” and even defended the YouTube star and the championship boxer for putting on a show that “millions” of people were willing to pay for.

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During the June 11 episode of the JRE podcast, the comedian addressed the conspiracy theory that Paul had actually been knocked out during the boxing fight. He argued that those making the claim “do not know s**t” about boxing and told them to “stop” commentating on fights.

Joe Rogan talks about Logan Paul vs Floyd MayweatherYouTube: JRE Clips
The popular podcast host slammed conspiracy theories that Logan Paul was knocked out by Floyd Mayweather.

Joe Rogan debunks Logan Paul “knocked out” conspiracy theory

Hours after the exhibition match ended, a viral video clip online claimed that Floyd Mayweather had knocked Logan Paul out and purposely held him up so that the match could continue. During his June 11 interview with actor Duncan Trussell, Joe Rogan took the theory head-on and dismissed it as complete “nonsense.”

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“People, that think [Logan Paul] got knocked out? Get the f**k out of here. People are so silly. They don’t understand s**t about getting hit in the head. These are the same dummies… Logan was just hanging on, man. He went for an overhook punch. You guys have no idea,” he said, before lifting his arm up to mirror what Paul was doing during the fight.

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“This grapple is a normal thing for a wrestler. Logan was a wrestler.” Looking at the footage, Rogan pointed to the moment and exclaimed, “This what happens when a bunch of people comment on fights and don’t know s**t.  Now, look at Logan’s left arm. He’s in control. He’s holding on to him. HE’S A WRESTLER! He’s not knocked out, you knuckleheads.”

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(Topic starts at 4:54)

After slowly reviewing the video from the fight, the comedian concluded that Logan Paul was actually in a strategic hold during the now-infamous “knock-out” moment. “He’s holding on and he’s protecting himself and he’s controlling Floyd by pushing his head into Floyd’s chest,” the podcast host explained.

Rogan concluded his rant by telling Trussell that he wished uninformed viewers would “stop talking about fighting.” Despite believing that Mayweather won the fight in terms of points, the JRE host continued to praise the 26-year-old YouTube star, calling his performance against the champion boxer “astounding.”

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