Joe Rogan says he “will quit” JRE Podcast if it has to change for Spotify

Brent Koepp
Joe Rogan hosting podcast next to Spotify logo.

Joe Rogan said he would walk away from his Spotify deal if the streaming service continued to tell him how to “behave.” The UFC commentator claimed he has no issues quitting the JRE podcast under the right circumstances. 

In February, it was reported that Spotify paid Joe Rogan a staggering $200 million for his popular JRE podcast. The lucrative deal got off to a rough start, however, when the comedian was embroiled in backlash for allegedly spreading misinformation.

After several controversies, multiple episodes of the popular show had been removed by the streaming giant. In a March interview with MMA star Josh Barnett, the host revealed would make him quit his podcast.

Joe Rogan willing to quit Spotify

During JRE episode #1797, the popular host opened up about what would happen if he felt like he lost control of his show. Rogan claimed that if he could no longer be himself and do things how he wanted, he would quit.

“If I become something different because the podcast grew bigger, I’ll quit. If it gets to a point where I can’t do it anymore, or where I have to do it in some sort of weird way,” Rogan explained to his guest.

Her elaborated further and added that he wouldn’t continue the show if he had to behave for other people. “If I have to like walk on eggshells and mind my P’s and Q’s… F**k that.”

Given that every JRE episode now has a “medical warning” attached to it and hundreds of previous episodes have been deleted, it will be interesting for fans to see when the podcaster feels that Spotify has crossed his line.

Regardless, Joe Rogan’s admission that he would be willing to quit is a pretty big statement considering just how much money the streaming service paid for the popular series. Later on in the episode, the former Fear Factor host also talked about critics now combing over every single second of his interviews to find something they don’t like.

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