Dafran banned on Twitch following Valorant tournament drama

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Twitch streamer Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca has been suspended on Twitch after a drama-filled weekend in which the former Overwatch pro was banned by a Valorant tournament organizer.

The streamer was handed a lifetime ban from Solary tournaments after he exploded at the organizers when they changed the start time of the semi-finals. When Dafran and his team, Prodigy, missed the announcement, they were late to the match and the tournament awarded a map advantage to their opponents.

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“F*** the Solary Tournament on Valorant,” Dafran raged on Twitter. “Bunch of cry baby b****es, doesn’t prove who is the best. Only who is favored by the French organizers.”

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Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment
Dafran is a former Overwatch League pro.

Due to his outburst, Solary and Prodigy handed Dafran a lifetime ban, but the issues continued in-game with the streamer throwing a game when he was grouped with Evan ‘DRG’ Depauw, a 16-year-old player for Solary. While Dafran eventually ceased throwing and told his chat to stop attacking the innocent player, the Danish star was clearly still upset over the whole ordeal.

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One day later, Francesca had another outburst so intense that even he admitted he could get banned for it. He blasted Prodigy’s owner, calling him a “pu**y” with “no backbone” and called Solary the worst tournament organizer he had ever seen.

“Anyone supporting Solary TV is a f***ing b**ch,” he swore. “Yes, I’m going to get banned tomorrow and I don’t give a f**k. I will stand by all those words.”

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According to the streamer, while Twitch decided to ban him for seven days, it was “worth it.”

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Only time will tell how Dafran will act once his ban is up. The streamer has had a controversial past with prior bans due to toxicity, but came back from them ‘reformed.’

In either case, however, it doesn’t look like the streamer will be apologizing for his inflammatory actions or comments any time soon.

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