Joe Rogan explains why elite MMA fighters are “upset” over Logan Paul’s success

Brent Koepp
Joe Rogan next to Logan Paul

During the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, UFC commentator Joe Rogan revealed why elite fighters like Kamaru Usman are not happy with Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather’s success.

After the dust settled from the wildly anticipated Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather exhibition match, Joe Rogan praised the event on Instagram as being “genius” and exciting.

The comedian further reflected on the fight in his June 9 JRE podcast and explained why he thinks some elite MMA fighters are so upset that the YouTuber and boxing champion duked it out.

Logan Paul KO rumors Floyd Mayweather
Logan Paul fought eight rounds against Floyd Mayweather on June 6

Joe Rogan on why some MMA fighters are upset with Logan Paul’s success

While interviewing guest Josh Dubin, Rogan opened up about some MMA fighters being upset over Logan Paul’s success. “This is what is going on right now, where a bunch of fighters are upset because Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather just fought and Logan Paul made $20 million bucks and Floyd made $100 million bucks,” he said.

Rogan then said their June 6 fight is making other fighters take a second look at how little they get paid in comparison. “And they are looking at [those numbers] and going “hey, what about me? How come I’m not making that kind of money?”

The podcast host then sent a message to those upset and explained: “What they have to understand is, that whether you like it or not, even if you are an elite Kamaru Usman or some of the best fighters in the UFC, the money comes from people wanting to buy your Pay-Per-View. It’s real simple.”

Rogan had sympathy for the fighters and added, “Maybe in a perfect world, it’s the most skillful fighter that gets the most amount of money. But that’s not how it works here. In the world of combat sports and professional prize fighting, it’s all about how many eyes are going to watch you.”

The comedian pointed out that Logan Paul had a second career getting famous before fighting. “That f**king Logan Paul kid has a lot of eyes on him. He’s had a YouTube channel since he was 14 years old. He’s been on Disney shows. He’s this controversial larger than life internet celebrity. And people are willing to pay a lot of money to see if he can box with one of the greatest of all time.”

Joe Rogan also argued that he see’s a lot of similarities with Logan and Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather. He explained that the influencers know how important it can also be to be hated as a “currency” because it makes people care one way or another.