Joe Rogan explains why Daniel Craig is the best James Bond “by a mile”

Joe Rogan says Daniel Craig is the best 007.YouTube/JoeRogan/Wikimedia Commons/

Famous podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan made a compelling case for Daniel Craig being the best James Bond in a heated 007 debate on the latest episode of the JRE show.

James Bond is easily one of the most popular heroes in cinema history, with over twenty installments and seven different actors portraying the Ian Fleming character.

Out of everyone who has ever taken a martini cocktail shaken, not stirred, Rogan believes Daniel Craig tops the list, beating out fan-favorites such as Sean Connery.

For Rogan, it all comes down who he believes is the most deadly. And for that, it’s Daniel Craig “by a mile.”

Joe Rogan on his podcastYouTube/JRE
Joe Rogan is convinced Daniel Craig is the best Bond.

“The only thing that separates people from my opinion is nostalgia. If you just looked at it objectively, if I said ‘which one of these motherfuckers really looks like he can kill people’ there’s one answer. It’s Daniel Craig,” the podcast host explained.

Rogan’s point does make sense given how the newer films borrow a lot from modern spy-action movies such as Mission Impossible.

“You don’t really think that Timothy Dalton is up there nuking fuckers? Stabbing people, murking people.” Rogan asked his guest Brian Redban. “Roger Moore is fantastic, but you don’t believe Roger Moore is legitimately out there fucking people up.”

According to Rogan, fans of the series really only have two options when it comes to who the best Bond is: Sean Connery, if they’re being “dishonest” and only want nostalgia or Daniel Craig.

“It’s not disrespect for Roger Moore. It’s not disrespectful to Tim Dalton,” he continued. “You’ve got Sean Connery if you’re a silly bitch. And you’ve got Daniel Craig if you’re being honest.”

While Joe appreciates Connery, calling him a “wonderful actor” if he was locked in a room with Daniel Craig, he would die.

No Time To Die posterMGM
No Time To Die is scheduled for October, 2021.

“I disagree, that Indiana Jones’ father,” joked Brian Redban.

Rogan further continued to stress that if you look at Craig as an individual entity, there is no one better. If someone like Tim Dalton were to come in and take over the role after Craig it wouldn’t work because times have changed.

For those wanting to see the next installment in the Bond series, No Time To Die is scheduled for October 8, 2021 – pending any additional delays, of course. And judging by Rogan’s excitement, he’ll be watching it the day it’s released.