Joe Rogan explains FBI “issues” following Mark Zuckerberg’s JRE apperance

Alec Mullins
Joe Rogan on 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura.

In an appearance on 2 Bears 1 Cave, Joe Rogan broke down how Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance on his podcast caused “issues’ and even provoked the FBI to release an official statement about their involvement with Facebook.

Joe Rogan has been firmly rooted in the heart of several controversial topics over much of the last decade thanks to his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. While it happens so often that the UFC host claims not to notice it much anymore, he did highlight how having Zuckerberg on the show was a different beast entirely.

When explaining the situation to fellow comedian Tom Segura, here’s what Rogan had to say about the fallout of the Facebook founder’s episode and the stir it caused.

Joe Rogan details the story behind Mark Zuckerberg/FBI controversy in his podcast

The conversation was prompted when Segura brought up the Zuckerberg episode and asked if the two of them discussed Facebook’s stance on “banning” content was something they touched on.

Rogan explained that they did talk about censorship (specifically the New York Post’s report of Hunter Biden’s lost laptop) and that Zuckerberg confirmed that they did limit the sharing of that piece in some way, but that he didn’t seem keen to go into detail about how that is done.

“He said it without revealing too much about what their whole system is [or] about how they shadowban things,” he claimed.

The former Fear Factor host also noted that Zuckerberg told him that the FBI reached out to Facebook to make them aware that the story was thought to be political misinformation.

However, after that episode went live, the Bureau itself released a statement that stated it only warned social media companies about “foreign threat indicators” and not about specific pieces of news.

While there are some blurred lines in the recounting of the events, Rogan made it clear that it was still an eye-opening moment in terms of how big his show’s reach has become.

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