Joe Rogan dethroned as number one Spotify podcast by random show’s first episode

Connor Bennett

Joe Rogan has, once again, been knocked off the top spot on the Spotify podcast charts by a new show that has come completely out of the blue. 

For years, way before he decided to sign a deal with Spotify, the Joe Rogan Experience has been the biggest podcast on the internet by a comfortable margin. 

The UFC commentator has hosted his show since 2009, first starting out as only having fellow comedians on as guests before branching out too all different corners. Now, he has a wide range of familiar faces that pop up to talk about everything you think of – especially when it comes to the weird and wacky side of the internet. 

That move to Spotify, which netted Rogan a reported $200 million deal, hasn’t had too many knock-on effects for his show. It still brings in massive listener figures after all. Though, there are some times it loses out on top spot on the podcast charts.

Joe Rogan overtaken by random new podcast on Spotify

As of May 18, that has happened again, with the JRE Podcast falling to second place to the UK chart behind a brand-new podcast known as The Meer Show. 

What’s weird about this podcast is that it’s only 20 minutes in length and isn’t backed by Spotify like some of the previous challengers to Rogan’s throne.

Instead, it’s from Meer Jangi, Grace, and Bailey, three popular figures on TikTok – which has been the launching pad for their podcast.

“Over the past 4 weeks we have become trending, gaining up to 25k viewers on our lives at once,” they told Dexerto. “We decided to make the podcast 5 days ago for our followers and then promoted the link from there which boosted our podcast listens and we were able to get really positive feedback from our fans!”

Screenshot of Spotify podcast chart for May 18 with Joe Rogan off top spot
The Meer Show has taken Rogan’s top spot, for now.

It is unusual to see such a random podcast jump right into the top spot, especially when they’ve only got one episode. It hasn’t had the same success on Apple Podcasts, though, only reaching 28 in the UK charts. 

Ultimately, it likely won’t be long before Rogan takes the top spot back and it is more recognized podcasts that are right up there alongside him.

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