Joe Rogan blasts claims Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva was “fixed”

Joe Rogan and Jake Paul talking to camera side-by-sideSpotify: Joe Rogan/YouTube: ShowTime Sports

Joe Rogan has debunked claims that Jake Paul’s win over Anderson Silva was “fixed” and explained exactly how the YouTuber managed to knockdown the MMA legend. 

At the end of October, Jake Paul finally made his return to the boxing ring, stepping inside the ropes to face off against UFC icon Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva.

While he didn’t score a knockout victory like in his previous fights, the ‘Problem Child’ did manage to defeat Silva via the judge’s scorecards, and even produced a late knockdown of the Brazilian fighter.

As they have done with his previous fighters, some critics called the validity of the result into question, with many suggesting it was “rigged” and that Silva took a dive instead of actually being knocked. 

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Joe Rogan backs “legit” Jake Paul win over Anderson Silva

Jake has already fired back at those claims, but he’s now gotten the support of Joe Rogan, who gave a blow-by-blow breakdown of the knockdown during his November 2 episode of the JRE Podcast

“We should point something out because people are trying to say that fight was fixed because of the knockdown. There’s a video where people are questioning (it), I just want to explain to people that this is what happened,” Rogan stated when touching on Jake’s fight. 

“Anderson moved forward to Jake Paul and Jake hit him with sort of a stepping jab. He caught him right on the chin. And when he caught him on the chin, Anderson was falling backwards and then he leans away from the right hand and he goes down. He was down from the punch, it looks like the right-hand doesn’t connect but the left hand is what f**ked him up. That dude hits f**king hard.”

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The UFC commentator further added that the knockdown was “legit as f**k” and anyone questioning it was “crazy” because Jake actually has power and is improving as a boxer. 

“Dude, he can fight. He can fight. Is he the best in the world? No, but is he getting better with every fight? Yes,” Rogan added. 

It’s not the first time Rogan has been impressed with Jake’s showing in the ring, and it probably won’t be the last either.