Joe Rogan announces new date for Kanye West podcast appearance

Joe Rogan and Kanye West embrace in a cheerful photo.Instagram: Joe Rogan

It looks like things are back on for Joe Rogan and Kanye West, who was slated to appear on an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience on October 23 — before the podcast was abruptly canceled due to health issues among staff.

Fans have been itching to see Yeezus make an appearance on the JRE for quite some time, as has Joe Rogan, himself, although things never seemed to pan out perfectly for the celebrity pair.

However, Kanye West abruptly tweeted out about wanting to join the show on October 17, giving listeners high hopes that one of rap’s most controversial figures would be opening up in one of the world’s most popular podcasts to date.

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The two were slated for an episode on October 23 before disaster struck, as Joe Rogan revealed in an October 19 Instagram post.

Claiming that producer Jamie had tested positive, Rogan canceled all appearances for the week in an attempt to keep his crew and guests healthy — but it looks like the show is still on the road, as told by another Instagram post on October 23.

According to Rogan, the episode starring Kanye West will drop Saturday, October 24 at 12PM Texas time (Central Daylight Time) — that’s 10AM PST and 1 PM EST.

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“Oh yeah we did!” Rogan said of the upcoming episode. “Beyond my expectations, and I think people are going to have a much better understanding and appreciation of how this man thinks. I really enjoyed talking to him, and we had a lot of fun.”

West has recently been shrouded in some controversy due to wanting to run for US President, with wife Kim Kardashian also coming under fire for endorsing him.

This certainly sets the stage for a unique interview perfect for the environment of the Joe Rogan Experience, which features all manner of guests.

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With some listeners claiming this next episode might truly “break the internet,” it stands to reason that everyone is hyped up to tune in — but there’s no telling if it will spawn such viral moments as Elon Musk smoking some Mary Jane in the studio.

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