Jakenbake surprised by wholesome moment with IRL stream sniper

Jakenbakelive stream sniperTwitter: atarax_please

Popular Twitch streamer jakenbakeLIVE has returned to IRL streaming in Singapore and while doing so, was approached by a fan who expressed his love for the streams. 

With almost 600k followers on Twitch and a large focus on traveling, it’s not surprising jakenbake has fans from all over the world.

After taking an extended break from traveling, Jake went to Singapore to resume his infamous IRL streams.

During his broadcast, he had a wholesome moment with a stream sniper as a fan got Jake’s attention so they could tell him how much they enjoy his content.

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JakenbakeLIVE’s wholesome IRL stream

While walking around the streets of Singapore, Jakenbake was approached by a fan ‘stream sniping’ his broadcast. Happy to talk, the creator stopped to interact with them.

The fan said: “I just wanna say thank you for the streams. Your IRL streams back in Japan really helped me a lot. I was in a really rough spot. I didn’t have a job, felt down, and your streams kept me going.”

Jake replied that he was really happy to hear that from his fan, and it made him feel good about what he does.

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Later that day, the stream sniper posted a picture that they took together on their Twitter account and Jakenbake shared it with the rest of his fans.

He said: “Nice to meet you, dude! I drank the peach 9% but it was actually warm… Singaporean snipers on another level I’m telling you”

Jakenbake has gone viral in the past thanks to his IRL stream in which he incorporated a full vTuber model he placed in the passenger seat of his car as he drove around.

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With the creator back to traveling the world, there’s no telling what he will come up with next.

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