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Valkyrae responds to Jidion’s plans to date her GTA RP character

Published: 4/Mar/2022 18:00

by Dylan Horetski


YouTube streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter has responded to Jidion’s idea to date her GTA RP character, Ray Mond. 

100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae has admitted to being addicted to playing GTA RP over the last few weeks during her rise in popularity on the No Pixel server.

During a recent stream on YouTube, Jidion revealed that he has a crush on the popular streamer and wants to take her out on a date — starting with her GTA RP character.

Valkyrae heard about Jidion’s idea and positively responded to it later on during her stream.

Valkyrae responds to Jidion wanting to date Ray Mond

Shortly after Valkyrae went live on her YouTube channel, a viewer asked her if she had seen the comments Jidion made earlier in his stream.


She replied: “Yeah, I saw. I think it’s really funny. If he actually joins No Pixel and tries to date Ray Mond, it’s going to be so funny. That mans gonna probably get ocean-dumped. It should be interesting.”

(Topic starts at 9:32 in the VOD) 

However, there may be an issue with Jidion’s plan. Since Rae often plays with fellow 100T member Fuslie, who streams on Twitch, she would potentially be at risk of getting in trouble for having him on her stream.

Jidion was permanently banned from Twitch on January 17 after he initiated a “hate raid” on Pokimane’s channel, although the two streamers put everything behind them with a surprising collaboration.


Noted in Twitch’s Community Guidelines: “it is prohibited to use your channel to knowingly feature or advertise a suspended user.

“We understand that there may be instances where suspended users may appear on your stream due to circumstances beyond your control, such as through third-party gaming tournaments, but we expect that you make a good faith effort to remove them from your broadcast, mute them, or otherwise limit their interactions with your stream.”