Jake Paul MMA debut still happening against “big name” despite Tommy Fury loss

Jake Paul in black shirt with PFL on against black backgroundYouTube: Jake Paul

Jake Paul’s planned MMA debut is still on despite his recent loss to Tommy Fury, and PFL have given an update on the search for his opponent. 

Over the last few years, as he’s fought numerous Mixed Martial Artists in the boxing ring, Jake Paul has constantly talked about wanting to make the switch and get inside the Octagon. 

While his feud with UFC boss Dana White has seen that particular door closed, he has signed a deal with PFL – the Professional Fighters League – to join their new ‘Super Fight’ division. He offered Nate Diaz the first crack at that, with a second fight in the boxing ring, but that seems to be off the table.

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Given that Jake is also keen to avenge his loss to Tommy Fury and there have been rumors of a rematch in July, there was talk that his MMA debut may have to be shelved. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case. 

Jake Paul’s MMA debut is still planned for 2023

In fact, the PFL are still planning on having him fight in the cage before the year is out, but they still haven’t been able to lock down an opponent for Jake just yet. 

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“Jake Paul is absolutely going to fight in 2023,” PFL’s Loren Mack told MMAMania. “I mean, that’s, that’s been the plan all along. I know, he’s in the gym, and he’s training, taking it very seriously. So expect to see him in the PFL cage in 2023, and it’s going to be MMA.”

Mack noted that there is “nothing concrete yet” about Jake’s opponent, but there have been a few discussions. “If you know Jake, he will want a big name for his debut,” he added.

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Jake Paul in ring after Tommy Fury fight talking to cameraScreenshot via BT Sport
Jake lost to Tommy at the end of Febraury, and a rematch has been rumored.

As noted, Jake has penned a “multi-year” deal with PFL, but that was before he lost to Tommy and his plans got thrown out of whack. 

It remains to be seen just exactly when he’ll step into the cage, but there’s sure to be plenty of interest when he does.

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