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Jake Paul’s ex-best friend teases possible return to Team 10 with cryptic picture

Published: 12/Jan/2019 20:30 Updated: 12/Jan/2019 20:37

by Virginia Glaze


Ex-Team 10 member and popular YouTuber Chance Sutton could be making a return to the org, after posting a mysterious picture to his Instagram story.

Sutton posted an over-the-shoulder mirror photo of himself posing in a Team 10 hoodie on January 10 – which led to massive speculation that the YouTuber could be set to rejoin the group.


However, due to the lack of a caption on the photo and no forthcoming statements from neither Sutton nor Team 10’s originator, Jake Paul, this theory remains up in the air; however, Team 10’s social media accounts remain in limbo, simply stating “A new Team 10 is coming” in their Instagram and Twitter bios.

Chance Sutton, Instagram


Sutton left Team 10 in May of 2018, days after the org’s COO, Nick Crompton, likewise took leave of the group. Sutton claimed that he hoped to focus on his solo career, while his previous comedy partner, Anthony Trujillo, remained with the organization.

Despite expressing goodwill towards Jake Paul, Sutton found himself at the center of allegations from the YouTuber later in October, who insinuated that Sutton owed him money – despite flexing his new crib on SnapChat a few days prior to the scandal.


Paul also accused Sutton of stealing his joint account with Trujillo during an episode of Shane Dawson’s documentary series – which Sutton vehemently denied.


According to Sutton, Trujillo had changed the password to their account at the behest of Jake and his father, Greg Paul – after Sutton had made himself manager of the account to avoid such an ordeal. After changing the password once more, Sutton offered to split the channel with Trujillo, who ultimately declined the offer, opting to use Jake Paul’s second account, instead.