Jake Paul says he’s ready to fight Mike Tyson in $300 million event

YouTuber Jake Paul next to Mike Tyson screenshot.YouTube: The Journey / IMPAULSIVE

Jake Paul says he is down to fight Mike Tyson and is willing to go up in weight to meet the legendary boxer. The YouTuber claims the showdown would be a $300 million pay-per-view event.

Rumors of Jake Paul and Mike Tyson fighting first sparked in January. While the former Heavy Weight Champion initially rejected the matchup, the 55-year-old recently teased that he is now open to the idea “for the right price.”

The Problem Child responded to Iron Mike’s interest during a March 2022 podcast and said he is ready to take on the legendary boxer. According to the YouTuber, their fight would bring in hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Jake Paul BoxingInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul wants to fight Mike Tyson.

Jake Paul wants to fight Mike Tyson in $300 million boxing event

During the March 28 ‘The Journey‘ podcast, the 25-year-old YouTuber sat down for an interview to discuss who he would fight next. While Jake Paul said he would take on UFC stars Jorge Masvidal, Conor McGregor, and Kamaru Usman, the influencer had an interesting response to a potential fight with Mike Tyson.

“I would step up to Mike Tyson for sure,” he said. I joke with my friends about it, and I’m like I’ll start eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts and move up to Heavy Weight and take on Mike Tyson.” He got serious and explained why he is ready to take on Tyson.

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“That fight would actually excite me because that’s actually a $200 million dollar, $300 million dollar event,” he said. Jake Paul then delivered a message directly to Mike Tyson and said, “Mike Tyson, bro, if you’re watching this, let’s have some fun. New school vs old school. I think that’s something fans would want to see.”

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It’s unclear whether Tyson would actually take the fight considering he is friends with the YouTuber and his brother Logan Paul. Anything is possible, though, as he has said he would consider if the pay was more than $49 million, and the $300 million figure Paul just suggested certainly surpasses that.

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Regardless, Jake is now ready and willing to take on the former Heavyweight Champion. So it’s now on Iron Mike to respond to the undefeated YouTube-turned fighter’s offer.

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