Jake Paul roasted as $250k tattoo mysteriously disappears before Tommy Fury fight

Connor Bennett
Jake Paul in hat sat next to tattoo on arm

Jake Paul’s $250k tattoo of a vodka bottle seemingly vanished during his fight with Tommy Fury and it’s safe to say the internet noticed, as the YouTuber-turned-boxer has sparked some debate.

After years of trash talk, both online and in-person, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally settled their rivalry inside the boxing ring in Saudi Arabia on February 26. 

It was a back-and-forth affair, and despite Jake knocking Tommy down to the canvas late, it was the Brit who walked away with the split decision victory – marking the first loss of Jake’s boxing career. 

According to reports, the pair certainly cashed in with the long-awaited fight, as Jake himself apparently made $30 million despite losing. Prior to the fight, he also apparently made $250k by getting a tattoo of a vodka bottle from a sponsor on his arm. Though, it wasn’t there during the fight itself. 

Jake Paul’s $250k vodka tattoo disappears in Tommy Fury fight

That’s right, if you missed the build-up to the fight, Jake was given $250k by the vodka brand ‘Au Vodka’ to get a tattoo of their bottle on his right arm. They made a video about it too, where Jake proudly showed off his new ink.

Though, when it came to fight night, a number of fans and viewers noticed it wasn’t there, and quickly called Jake out on that fact. “Tommy Fury must of gave Jake Paul one hell of a punch last night, his tattoo fell off,” said one. “Disappeared into thin air,” added another. 

“I think you better get your money back for that fake tattoo that Jake Paul had and conned you out of!!” another commented, calling on Jake to pay back the $250k to the vodka brand.

A number suggested that, to begin with, the tattoo was only ever temporary even though Jake stated in the video that getting it “hurt” as normal. 

It remains to be seen if he’ll say anything about it, but don’t expect the tattoo – or whatever it is – to reappear anytime soon.