Jake Paul says Paddy Pimblett is getting “pimped” after revealing UFC Fight Night payday

Paddy Pimblett challenges Jake PaulYouTube/UFC/Instagram/JakePaul

Following on from the bombshell revelation that Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett was on a ’12-and-12 deal’ for his record-breaking showing in London, Jake Paul has taken to Twitter saying that the English fighter was “pimped” for his work.

UFC fight-purses are the kind of thing that the public generally doesn’t have easy access to. This hasn’t stopped Paddy Pimblett from talking about how much he was making for his bout at the O2 arena in London, however.

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In a recent interview with Barstool Sports, the 27-year old rising star revealed the exact amount he made for his most recent fight against Kazula Vargas.

“12 and 12,” he confirmed. “So 12k to show and 12k to win.”

While $24,000 may seem like a healthy sum for a night’s work, the amount of time spent preparing for a fight, and the incredible stress placed upon the individual during that time, certainly make the amount seem far removed from the high-spending dream that other members of the UFC have sold the lifestyle to be – looking at you McGregor.

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This amount of money also pales in comparison to the amount pulled in by the UFC for the Fight Night event. A stunning $4.5 million dollars was made on the night. The highest single-day gate revenue for a sporting event at the O2 Arena.

This is in so small way due to the work of Paddy Pimblett. A firm crowd favorite and entertainer extraordinaire.

With Jake Paul’s recent pushes for Dana White to increase the pay for fighters in the UFC, as well as provide healthcare for those putting their bodies on the line, he took no time to lambast officials and managers about the amount of money the fighters are making.

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Taking to Twitter, Paul made his thoughts undeniably clear: “Paddy Pimblett getting pimped. Who manages these guys?”

A point to note is that in addition to the purse paid, Paddy Pimblett also made a $50,000 bonus from the bout. Showing a solid level of humility, the Liverpudlian fighter had very little to say about his thoughts on the purse.

“It goes up after every fight, but you’re in a contract, so it’s whenever they want to offer me a new one, they offer me a new one, it’s just one of those things.”

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