Jake Paul offered $100k to spar Olympic boxer Claressa Shields as feud continues

Claressa Shields and Jake Paul balling fists side-by-sideWikiMedia Commons/Instagram: Jake Paul

Female boxing star Claressa Shields has taken aim at Jake Paul as their online feud continues, calling the social media star “pathetic” and even offering him $100,00 for a sparring session. 

As Jake Paul has made waves in the boxing world, it hasn’t been without controversy.  Many fighters and fans of the sport have mocked his bouts as “freakshows,” with many even bringing the results of the fights into question.

The social media star has recently been locked in an online war of words with double Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields, with the Olympian claiming that Jake would get his “ass whooped” if they crossed paths in the ring.

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Jake hit back at Shields comments after she lost an MMA bout to Abigail Montes, calling it “karma” for the 26-year-old. Well, their feud has taken another turn, with Shields throwing down the gauntlet again.

Jake Paul made eight figure payday tyron woodleyYouTube: Jake Paul
Paul’s been making a substantial amount of money from his boxing endeavors.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated ahead of her return to the boxing ring, Shields called out the YouTube star over his in-ring abilities and for carefully “picking” his opponents.

She also offered to put 100,00 on the line for a sparring session, but she doubts Jake would step up.“ He isn’t even going to take an offer to come and spar me,” Shields said. “I have put $100,000 on the table. And whoever wins in sparring can walk away with the money. And I bet you will all I will walk away with the dough, Jake Paul would not risk it.”

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The Olympian also questioned whether Jake’s camp would want him to get into the ring with her, believing they know it wouldn’t end well for their fighter.

Her trash talk wasn’t finished there though, blasting Jake for “fake” stuff in and out of the boxing world. “When it comes to the real world of boxing, Jake Paul will never be world champion. He can just keep picking his opponents,” she said, claiming that he “sucks” in the ring.

“You still wouldn’t dare get in the same ring with me, let alone spar. And, he’s just not even worth wasting my breath. The dude is pathetic,” Shields concluded, laying down the gauntlet again.

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It remains to be seen whether a high stakes face-off might happen, but it is the fight game, and crazier things have gone down.