Jake Paul makes bizarre explicit promise for if he ever fights KSI

Jake Paul and KSI side-by-side talking to cameraYouTube: Jake Paul/Boxing Social

Jake Paul has made a pretty explicit promise and cut off a key part of his body if KSI finally steps up to fight him as he doesn’t he will do so. 

The rivalry between Jake Paul and KSI has gone back years at this point, kicking off on YouTube before spreading to a handful of other platforms and even to the boxing ring. 

When KSI defeated Logan Paul back in 2019, it appeared as if he and Jake were on a collision course to settle things once and for all. However, it’s almost 2023 and that hasn’t happened yet. The pair initially ‘agreed’ to fight in 2023 and said that they’d do it at Wembley Stadium, but things have cooled on that front.

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While KSI has stated he needs a few fights before he gets to Jake, the ‘Problem Child’ believes that the Brit is just using the rivalry for promotion for his other ventures and fights. 

Jake Paul makes massive promise if KSI fight ever happens

Well, Jake believes that so much so, that he has vowed to do permanent harm to himself and cut off his “d*ck” if KSI gets into the ring with him.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer made the vow when he appeared on Adin Ross’ December 14 stream, as the Twitch star asked him about a potential fight with KSI. “He’s scared. If KSI ever fights me, bro, I’ll cut my d*ck off, honestly because it’s never going to happen. He’s a smart kid and he knows that I will literally f*cking knock him out,” Jake answered. 

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“He keeps on using me and all this for promotion, and it’s smart but I promise you he’s never going to fight me. I would love nothing more, but it’s just not realistic.”

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Jake believes it’s “clear as day” that KSI is using the idea of a fight with Jake to promote his other fights, but KSI has stated before that he wants to make it happen before long.

It’s a fight that plenty of fans still want to see happen, so who knows, maybe it will one day and Jake will have to live up to the painful vow.

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