Jake Paul gets UFC champ’s support as Dana White feud rumbles on

Jake Paul alongside Dana White with both talking to camerasYouTube: Showtime Sports/NELK Boys

Jake Paul has got a fan in UFC champion Francis Ngannou as the heavyweight king said he agrees “100%” with the things he’s thrown at Dana White. 

Since getting involved in the combat sports world, Jake Paul has been plunged into a number of beefs with fellow fighters, promoters, and analysts. Though, his most personal might be with Dana White.

The YouTuber has gone after the UFC president over pay-per-view price, fighter pay, as well as providing healthcare for fighters – and has even invested into the UFC’s parent company to try and make his mark.

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While White has tried to distance himself from the beef, Jake has continued it, and has even got a fan in UFC heavyweight king Francis Ngannou, who says he agrees with what the social media star is saying.

Jake-Paul-calls-out-Dana-White-Conor-McGregor-and-more-in-UFC-diss-track-videoYouTube: Jake Paul
Jake has gone after the UFC in a number of ways, including a diss track.

The Cameroonian fighter – who has reportedly ‘negotiated’ with Jake for a fight – posted an interview to YouTube on February 18, where he was quizzed about the “Twitter war” that has been unfolding over the last few months.

“I follow all the stuff, I am aware of what’s happening, you know,” Ngannou started. “Jake Paul has his own way of communicating, which is a little different. Maybe not the same way as I will communicate but in the meantime, I can’t blame him. I’m 100 percent with him for what he says.

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“When he claimed for fighter healthcare, oh, I am 100 percent down with that. He claimed for a fighter pay increase, I’m 1000 percent down for that,” he added. “So, the fighters are not protected, fighters are all out there on their own and nobody looks up to them. They are putting their body on the line for something. At least give them healthcare. I’m 1000 percent down for that.”

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While Jake has tried to make inroads to effect change in the UFC, and has some support, nothing has happened just yet.

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It could be a long road for him to enact change but if more fighters throw their support behind him like Ngannou, well, who knows what could happen.

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