Jake Paul exposes KSI’s “lying” DMs before AnEsonGib fight

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star Jake Paul may be scheduled to fight AnEsonGib on January 30, but he’s got his eyes set on KSI, who he believes is lying about the huge features in his song “Down Like That.”

KSI debuted his song “Down Like That” just ahead of his November 9 rematch against Logan Paul, which he won by split-decision from the judges, thanks to a two-point deduction from Paul in the fourth round.

His hit track features such rap greats as Rick Ross and Lil Baby — two artists Jake Paul alleges his rival paid a whopping $400k to appear on the song, citing purported emails from the British YouTuber to an “artist friend” of his.

However, KSI refuted this allegation in a series of heated messages via Instagram, claiming that he didn’t pay for either of the rappers to help with the track (although their performance at the fight wasn’t mentioned).

“These artists don’t do s**t for free,” Jake argued. “That’s not how the music industry works. So, first of all, this guy’s a liar, like I said. A lot of the UK influencers straight up lie all the time, and it just p*sses me off.”

The Team 10 founder also called out KSI for claiming that his brother “f**ks you up in sparring,” retorting that he and Logan have never sparred together in their bid to become fighting pros.

“He’s like a dog in a corner, like fighting with terrible information and just lies,” Jake continued. “Me and my brother have never sparred. Never in our lives, not for one second. …clearly he’s pulling information out of his a**.”

Jake Paul and Logan Paul pose shirtless, because why not.
According to Jake, he and older brother Logan Paul have never sparred against each other in their bid to become professional fighters.

Jake Paul’s heated exchange with KSI follows the Sidemen member’s own jab toward Paul just a day prior, calling him “washed up” and claiming that he “needs” to win his fight against Gib to maintain his social media “clout.”

Thus far, KSI has yet to respond to Paul’s “exposure” of their Instagram conversations in a beef that could add yet another chapter to the already explosive Paul vs KSI feud.

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