Jake Paul explains why he’ll never catch MrBeast on YouTube

Jake Paul explains why he can't beat MrBeast on YouTubeYouTube: Anthony Pompliano / Instagram: mrbeast

Influencer-boxer Jake Paul explained why he feels he’ll never live up to MrBeast’s YouTube takeover despite rocking the internet with his viral fights.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is now the single most-subscribed content creator on YouTube. The 24-year-old influencer took the title from PewDiePie in November 2022, and now boasts over 114 million subs.

MrBeast’s reputation often precedes him. He went mega-viral earlier this year for his insanely popular recreation of Netflix’s Squid Game series, on top of his vast resume of high-stakes challenges and jaw-dropping cash giveaways to fans and people in need.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, is also a social media powerhouse. After achieving fame on Vine, he switched to YouTube along with his older brother, and even had a stint in a Disney series before deciding to go full send on the influencer boxing game.

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MrBeast set to overtake PewDiePie as top YouTuber most subscribedYouTube: Mr Beast
MrBeast is the most subscribed content creator on YouTube.

After making his debut on the KSI vs Logan Paul undercard in 2018, he’s gone on to become the most popular influencer boxer in the world, having just defeated MMA legend Anderson Silva in October.

With over 20 million YouTube subscribers himself, it stands to reason that some viewers might think Paul views MrBeast as competition…but the ‘Problem Child’ doesn’t see it that way.

Jake Paul says he could never beat MrBeast’s YouTube empire

YouTuber Anthony Pompliano asked Jake about MrBeast during a November 30 interview, wondering if he would have been bigger than MrBeast had he stuck to YouTube instead of boxing.

“No,” Jake answered. “He’s obsessed with it and has such a deep passion for it. And so, simply because of that, you can’t beat someone who loves it more than you.”

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Paul went on to explain that he viewed YouTube as a mere stepping stone for greater things — and it seems that his plan worked out, as he’s now building a boxing empire that has earned the praise of Mike Tyson, himself.

It doesn’t look like MrBeast’s empire will topple anytime soon, with the influencer constantly teasing bigger and better projects in the future. (And after being valued at a whopping $20 billion, it’s hard to imagine what he’ll pull out of his hat next.)