Are Jake Paul and Julia Rose engaged? Instagram post sparks rumors

jake-paul-julia-rose-engagedInstagram/Julia Rose

Rumors that Jake Paul proposed to his girlfriend, Julia Rose, are circulating on the internet after his mom shared a picture of them and referred to Julia as her “future daughter-in-law.”

Jake Paul and Julia Rose started dating in March 2020 after Jake split with ex-partner Tana Mongeau. Jake revealed that he met her on a music video set, and he fell in love with her within six hours. The rest is history.

After beating Tyron Woodley for the second time in December 2021, an interviewer asked Jake when he’d propose to Julia. He responded by saying it would happen “ASAP,” although he didn’t elaborate further.

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However, it might have already happened behind closed doors. Jake’s mom shared a post of him kissing Julia on Instagram and referred to her as her “future daughter-in-law,” sparking rumors that the two got hitched.

jake-paul-julia-rose-engagedInstagram: Julia Rose
Jake Paul and Julia Rose share a kiss in the boxing ring.

In the original post by Jake, he posted a picture of him kissing Julia on the cheek and wrote: “Happy birthday to my f**king queen!”

It was out of the ordinary on its own. However, Jake’s mom shared his post on her own Instagram story and added: “Happy birthday to my future daughter-in-law!”

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Not everyone is convinced that it means they’re engaged. Some fans pointed out that it’s a relatively normal thing for a mother to say about their child’s partner when they’re in a serious relationship as adults.

However, that hasn’t stopped others from believing it’s true. What’s more, Julia has already added his surname in her bio, too. But until they make it official or someone spots a ring on her finger, nobody can know for sure.

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