What happened to IShowSpeed? Face injury and hospital visit explained

Theo Burman
IShowSpeed lay in a hospital bed with a swollen right-eye

Fans have recently been worried for IShowSpeed after he was taken to hospital with a face injury that left him in serious pain.

He’s spent several days there, but what happened, and when can we expect to see him discharged? Here’s everything we know.

What happened to IShowSpeed’s eye?

Problems first appeared on July 28, when Speed told his fans that he was undergoing “the worst thing he’s ever experienced” — a cluster headache, which was so painful that it was making it difficult for him to open his eyes.

Fans recived updates from his dad, who reassured fans that his son was okay, but things took a turn for the worse when Speed spoke to viewers from the back of an ambulance on July 30, where he revealed that his right eye had swollen completely shut.

At hospital, Speed was diagnosed with a serious sinus infection. He said it felt as if someone was “stabbing him in the eye.”

How long will IShowSpeed be in hospital?

On July 31, Speed shared another video that confirmed he was back in hospital. However, he was unable to say when he’d be able to leave, due to the complexity of the condition.

“Right now I’m currently still in the hospital, hospitalized,” he said. “I really just wanna go home and stream for you all. I wanna go home, play Fortnite, play FIFA, I just wanna go home and stream.

“I don’t know how long I’m gonna be here. Like I said I am hospitalized, they can keep me in here for months, weeks, days, or years if they want to.”

“Guys, I love you all boys, just pray I don’t die. Every second I just think I’m gonna die. Genuinely, every second, because it hurts so bad, I don’t know what’s going on, my heart beating fast.”

“I love y’all, just pray for, please. I hate this, I’ve never experienced anything like this. My mom and dad are about to fly all the way to Tokyo, from America, Ohio, just please pray for me. I’m trying to keep in good spirits.”

On August 1, Speed posted another update, saying that he was still in hospital, and that he had to be on an IV drip 24/7.

“I really hope I can be back home. I want to go back to America. I could be here for months, weeks. Right now, I’m focusing on resting. Let’s all pray for IShowSpeed.”

For more news and updates on IShowSpeed’s condition, check out the full message from his dad about his recovery.