IShowSpeed gives update after being rushed back to hospital: “Just pray I don’t die”

Shay Robson
IShowSpeed lay in a hospital bed with a swollen right-eye

Streaming star IShowSpeed has given fans an update after being rushed back to the hospital following a severe cluster headache.

On July 28, YouTube star IShowSpeed sparked concerns from his fans after sharing an update on his health, revealing he’s currently undergoing the worst thing he’s ever experienced — a cluster headache, making it difficult for him to even open his eyes.

While his dad assured fans that his son is okay, the situation turned out to be more serious than they thought. On July 30, Speed gave an update on his condition from the back of an ambulance, showing his right eye swollen completely shut, with him unable to see out of it.

After going to multiple doctors, the YouTuber learned he was suffering from a serious sinus infection, explaining it feels like somebody is stabbing him in the eye.

Since, the 18-year-old has shared another update, revealing in a July 31 YouTube video that he’s back in the hospital.

“Right now I’m currently still in the hospital, hospitalized,” he said. “I really just wanna go home and stream for you all. I wanna go home, play Fortnite, play FIFA, I just wanna go home and stream.

“I don’t know how long I’m gonna be here. Like I said I am hospitalized, they can keep me in here for months, weeks, days, or years if they want to.”

The streamer then explained he had an MRI scan, and is still currently experiencing symptoms such as an ache behind his swollen right eye and the back of his head — adding that a side of his head is numb.

“Guys, I love you all boys, just pray I don’t die. Every second I just think I’m gonna die. Genuinely, every second, because it hurts so bad, I don’t know what’s going on, my heart beating fast.”

He added: “I love y’all, just pray for, please. I hate this, I’ve never experienced anything like this. My mom and dad are about to fly all the way to Tokyo, from America, Ohio, just please pray for me. I’m trying to keep in good spirits.”

While he’s in the hospital and in pain, Speed still managed to poke a bit of fun at KSI, mentioning the size of the Prime co-founder’s forehead.

KSI responded on Twitter: “Even in his worst state, he’s still found the energy to talk about my damn forehead. Praying for you bro.”

According to Speed’s friend, the YouTuber could have permanently lost vision in that eye if things went any differently.

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