IShowSpeed hits out at YouTube strike for “harassment, threats or cyberbullying”

Calum Patterson
ishowspeed on youtube

One of YouTube’s biggest streamers, IShowSpeed, has been hit with yet another strike on the platform, for breaking rules on harassment, threats or cyberbullying – which he has claimed is unfair.

Speed was previously in hot water with the platform in July, after streaming an adult Minecraft mod. He was banned for two weeks – the standard punishment for a streamer’s second strike.

On September 21, his channel was hit with yet another strike. Although this time the reason is not yet clear.

“No way I just woke up to a strike @TeamYouTube,” IShowSpeed tweeted. “This one felt very weird because what happened in this stream for me to get this.”

Speed clarified that the ban was a result of his stream from two days prior, on September 19.

In that stream, he played Fortnite, and reacted to Twitter and TikTok.

However, at the end of the stream, he visited the site ‘Ome TV’ – a live chatting platform that cycles through random individuals on camera. These types of websites are banned on Twitch – but not explicitly so on YouTube.

It could be the strike was caused by something that occurred during this segment of the stream, when Speed was chatting live to random users. YouTube rule also mentions “sharing personal information, or content that includes egregious insults based on personal attributes (such as protected group status or physical traits) is not allowed.”

At one point, Speed asked a random user to use the n word, after they said they were black. The user responded “no, because I am Muslim.”

Some have also speculated that it was because he was “trolled” into doing an offensive gesture.

Team YouTube is yet to respond to Speed’s Twitter post.