Is Zendaya pregnant? Rumor spreads on social media after fake IG post in viral TikTok

. 2 weeks ago
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A fake Instagram story has spread like wildfire across social media, convincing some that Euphoria star Zendaya is pregnant with Tom Holland’s child. If you’re still wondering, no, it’s not true.

Zendaya and Holland are one of Hollywood’s favorite couples, so news that they might be expecting was bound to spread fast.

But, despite all the reactions, memes, and speculation, it’s all based on very little – just a simple fake Instagram post that was posted on TikTok and turned out to be a total hoax.

A number of these TikTok posts were made a few days before the rumor really took off. One video shows a random pregnancy scan with the caption “OMG Zendaya and her friends just announced that she is pregnant and tagged Tom Holland.”

zendaya pregnant ig post
The fake Instagram posts spread on TikTok first.

Fake IG post sparks Zendaya pregnancy rumors

Not long after, people who had been duped by the fake post started to give their reaction to it, mostly on Twitter, and then the Chinese whispers quickly began.

On June 15, Zendaya was one of the top trends on Twitter, with many of the tweets simply in disbelief at the news – albeit fake. Some Zendaya fans were posting their disappointment that she had chosen Tom Holland over them.

But, as with anything that goes viral on Twitter, most people are just getting in on the hype for their opportunity for a viral meme.

Here are some of the best Zendaya pregnancy memes we’ve seen so far:

As usual, with all these memes going viral, there will be many on social media today who are sucked in and actually believe that it’s real.

So, to confirm, there is no public announcement of pregnancy from either Zendaya or Tom – it is all just a fake rumor based on a photoshopped Instagram post, made to look like it was on Zendaya’s official profile.

Zendaya officially debunks pregnancy rumor

That’s not all; the Dune star officially debunked the rumors herself via her Instagram stories mere hours later, saying this is why she “stays off Twitter.”

“Just making stuff up for no reason,” she wrote. “Weekly.”

zendaya debunks rumors

We’ve seen similar celebrity hoaxes go viral on social media already this year too, such as the claim that ASAP Rocky had cheated on Rihanna, which again was all started by a single fake post.

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