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Is the Sommer Ray & Tayler Holder relationship back on again?

Published: 30/Jun/2020 17:49

by Jacob Hale


It’s a story that seems to never be short of twists and turns, but it appears that Sommer Ray and Tayler Holder are once again back together.

Throughout May and June 2020, the two social media stars have written a novella’s worth of a relationship, with tumultuous ups and downs and a lack of any real confirmation that they’re seeing each other.

Now, though, after unfollowing each other on social media and apparently posting cryptic tweets about each other, it looks like they are once again dating.

tayler holder lifting sommer ray at beach
Instagram: taylerholder
Tayler and Sommer have, so far, been the definition of an on/off relationship.

Fans have been closely following the saga of the Instagram and TikTok stars, especially with how quickly it seemingly came and went, but now they’ve got even more to figure out.


Needless to say, it sure looked like the relationship was doomed after the aforementioned tweets saw Sommer call out people being “disrespectful,” which to many seemed an obvious nod to Tayler’s behavior, despite what actually went down still being a mystery.

Now, though, four weeks after we initially reported on the two possibly being together, the story has come full circle and we’re sure they’re going steady once again.

In the final days of June, Sommer and Tayler have been posting a lot of TikToks together and looking like they’re back to how they were just a few short weeks ago. The most telling one, though, came from TikTok personality Nate Wyatt, who’s apparently green with envy over their relationship.


@nate_wyatt? @sommerray @itstaylerholder♬ original sound – nate_wyatt

Sommer posted four videos with Tayler between June 27-29, with Tayler reciprocating similarly, both looking as if they’ve been together for years.

Obviously, it’s great to see them both happy, but hopefully we don’t have to address the two of them breaking up again any time soon – otherwise, we might start to lose track.