Is Netflix’s Shmunguss category real? TikTok joke explained

Connor Bennett
Netflix screen showing shmunguss videos

TikTokers have been left baffled after a viral video claimed there is a new category on Netflix known as Shmunguss, but is it real? 

Initially, when TikTok first started being a social media platform for people to share videos on, it was all about creatives, music, and art. You’d only really see dance routines, lip-syncing clips, and the likes being shared.

Now though, the short-form video platform has become home to pretty much every piece of content you can think of/ Naturally, that also means pranks and viral clips have become rather prevalent. 

Some of these are obviously jokes, but there are others that split users, and prompt some debate or whether its fake or actually real. The newest of which has been the Netflix category of Shmunguss, which has left some users baffled. 

Is Shmunguss on Netflix real? 

If you haven’t heard about the Shmunguss debate, you’ve probably not seen channel.everything’s video, which has racked up over 12 million views on TikTok. 

In the short clip, a man can be heard asking his partner about a new Netflix category – Shmunguss – that has apparently popped up on their feed. She tells him that she’s using “a VPN’ to get different categories, but he responds nothing that this is out of the ordinary. 

Of course, the category of Shmunguss is just totally fake. The ‘shows’ that appear on the list are just parodies of other shows, but they’ve fit the word Shmunguss in there somehow. So, don’t worry, you aren’t missing out. 

Some users quickly latched onto it being fake and got in on the joke, urging Netflix to extend their favorite Shmunguss shows for another few seasons.

Others, though, didn’t seem to cotton on to the joke. “Google has NOTHING. I looked up one movie and NOTHING CAME UP, I’ve NEVER seen an empty,” said one. “why is no one telling us what a shmunguss is???” added another. 

There were some viewers who suggested it was “too well made” to be totally fake, and it could actually be Netflix’s April Fools’ plan leaking early. Either way, don’t look for Shmunguss, you won’t find it.

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