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IRL Streamer ‘JakenBakeLIVE’ Invited to Las Vegas Casino to Stream is Kicked Out for Streaming

Published: 4/Sep/2018 0:54 Updated: 4/Sep/2018 1:06

by Virginia Glaze


JakenBake, known for his IRL streams, was invited to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to promote their streamer suite and esports initiative.

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JakenBake took to Twitch to promote the suite, stating that his visit was sponsored by the hotel itself and that he would be streaming his experience.

After showcasing one of the massive suites, he made his way down to the casino floor – and was stopped by security.

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A security guard approached him while he streamed on the casino floor and asked him firmly to stop the broadcast.

“Can you please turn it off right now and delete everything you recorded?”

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Attempting to plead his case, JakenBake stated his purpose with Caesar’s Entertainment – to no avail.


“I can tell you exactly who I’m working with – the marketing department that’s working with esports. I’m in your streamer suite right now, in 1501.”

The guard wasn’t fazed.

“Still – the policy is no recording on the floor for any reason around gaming.”

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The guard continued to ask him to stop the stream. He likewise asked JakenBake to provide identification and documentation, both of which he produced.

Although JakenBake’s testimony was solid, the guard stated that he was not allowed to show any of the games on the casino floor nor to stream there at all.

“Yeah, we just can’t stream on the casino floor here. Those guys were really serious, but that’s the rules.”

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JakenBake’s run-in with security comes alongside Caesars’ new Entertainment Studios, built for television, movie, and esports broadcasts.