Nerd City Claims that Jake Paul Merch is Made with Clip Art

Jake Paul has taken another punch from YouTuber Nerd City, who released a devastating video detailing the potentially illegal practices of the Paul’s.

It was not just the way Jake Paul sells his merchandise to children however, the actual merchandise was also attacked by Nerd City.

Nerd City claims that the designs featured on Jake Paul’s merchandise are actually clip art images downloaded off of the internet.

[Jake Paul’s] merch is filled with clip art. I isolated the graphics in his hideous looking fashion line, reverse image searched them and got a bunch of hits.

The video shows clip art designs from a Google image search compared to the designs on Jake Paul’s merchandise.

To prove how easy it is to create merchandise like Jake Paul’s, Nerd City and his girlfriend created their own t-shirt.

Jake Paul’s Jerika design is basically just a clip art of a goat with his signature on top. Jake Paul and I both have animal nicknames for our girlfriends. He calls Erika a goat, while I call Nikki a racoon… So maybe a clip art of a racoon with my name written over it can be our terrible t-shirt design.

Below is Jake Paul’s Jerika shirt compared to what Nerd City created in minutes.


Nerd City’s takedown was over 40 minutes long and covered a variety of issues he has with the Pauls.

The complete video is below and the clip art merchandise section begins at 29:20.

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