Inugami Korone reveals why she doesn’t use popular “Furball” VTuber model often

Andrew Amos
Inugami Korone Furball VTuber model

Hololive talents have a number of VTuber models at their disposal, Inugami Korone included. The beloved doggo has a fan favorite in her Furball form, but she doesn’t pull it out too often for a specific reason.

Every VTuber, and fans in the space, know what goes into a new outfit. From art to rigging and even just the base design, it takes a lot of effort. However, it makes every new model that much more special to debut.

Hololive talents have a lot of resources at their disposal to keep the new outfits coming. From Hololive Summer and its swimsuits to winter outfits, New Years, and other festivities, there’s seemingly a new debut every month.

Inugami Korone has many forms herself, especially since she’s been with the agency for some time. Fans have their biases as to what model the doggo uses, but one collective fan favorite is the Furball outfit. It’s based on a fan design, debuting it in April 2022 as just a simplified version of her model.

It’s that last little bit, though, that complicates when the VTuber can use it, she admits.

“My Furball form hasn’t made that many appearances at all,” she said on stream, according to a translation. “There’s rules about it… since I had it made for myself, the stuff that you get made for yourself ⁠— how do I put this ⁠— there’s all this stuff surrounding it.

“It’s something that I’ve talked about and decided with management. It’s not a matter of copyright, it’s not a particularly difficult issue or anything between Hololive, the other members, and me. It was an internal discussion. I know a lot of you are like ‘show us your Furball form!’ but it’s not something I can bring out right away.

Struggling to find the words, she used an analogy between her Furball outfit and one of the other ones she wears from time to time: “Kadomatsu is a New Year’s outfit, and it’s something everyone received. Furball was something I had made for myself. I asked for it to be made so I could use it, so it’s a little different. Because it’s not official? Kind of?”

It might be a mild disappointment to some fans in the “Furball faction”, as Korone put it. However, she wants to dismiss the notion that the reason she doesn’t use it is because of jealousy.

The other Hololive talents have no issue with Korone using her Furball model. Management has cleared it too. It’s just an issue of comfort for her, and wanting to be respectful of her fellow VTubers.

“There’s no Hololive member that would say this but it’s something like ‘how come only she gets to do that? It’s not fair!’ You know what I mean? So to prevent any feelings of unfairness ⁠— that’s the gist of it,” she continued.

“All the Hololive members care for each other. But as a member of the group, it was more like ‘maybe we should agree to do it this way?’ It’s not a hard rule or anything. It was decided out of kindness [and respect]. It wasn’t like management went ‘that’s not allowed!’”

Although with that being the case, she does want to find new ways to bring out her Furball model in special streams.

“I do want to show it off to you guys though, I’d really love to. I can’t just bring it out on the spot. There’ll be times when I will use it again, so I hope the people who love Furball can wait patiently.

“If I discuss with them beforehand like ‘I have something planned, I’d like to use it’, then I can.”

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