Insane TikTok Duet chain of man ‘holding his girlfriend hostage’ goes viral

Georgina Smith
Marcus Dipaola in viral TikTok duet chain
TikTok: marcus.dipaola / anarchosaladism

TikTok users have joined together in creating a ridiculously long Duet chain to make it look like a man is holding his girlfriend hostage, and the results are brilliant.

The ‘Duet’ feature on TikTok is one of the most popular on the platform, offering users a way to simultaneously record their own video right next to someone else’s. It has been used to produce music collaborations for things like the sea shanty craze, reaction videos, and more, but people have now taken things to a new level by producing a huge chain of Duets from just one original video.

The video in question was uploaded by Marcus Dipaola, who describes himself as a “real-life journalist anchoring news on TikTok for fun.”

In the short clip, he introduces his girlfriend Brittany to his audience, which seems innocent enough, but the tightly cropped video had users imagining what could be happening off-screen.

The first viral Duet appeared to be from user anarchosaladism, who duetted the video in a way that made it look like his arm holding a gun was attached to Marcus.

That got the ball rolling, and soon the Duet chain started to grow at a rapid rate. While it started as people adding in extra limbs, and building off the original video, the story quickly progressed into a hostage situation.

People pretended to be police, and some even managed to set up an entire news crew, with a reporter, a boom mic, an autocue, and more.

There are various different versions of the chain floating around TikTok with different elements and users involved, but each one is garnering hundreds and thousands of likes and millions of views.

It even ended up going viral on Twitter, with one of the tweets about the thread getting over 500,000 likes, proving to be popular among users of multiple platforms.

The Duet chain continues to pick up speed as it moves around TikTok, with more aspects being added to it by the day. In many, it’s even hard to see the original video as a result of all the additions.