Influencer sparks backlash for judging men based on cars they drive

Kawter Abed
Influencer judging cars

An influencer has sparked backlash on TikTok, after posting a video of herself judging men based on the cars they have.

TikToker SJ (sj.larevitzear), who has 86,000 followers on the platform, has been deemed a “red flag” after criticizing men and the cars that they drive.

In a viral clip with over 500,000 views, the content creator said that “If a guy picks me up in certain cars on dates, I’m just not going.”

The first car on SJ’s list of no’s was a Toyota Prius. “I know the type of person you are. If y’all drive these cars, you need to reevaluate yourself,” she explained.

Next she showed a Honda Ridgeline, saying that “the only person that should drive this is my 90-year-old grandpa. That’s the only person.”

Lastly, the TikToker showed a Jeep Gladiator, stating that those kinds of trucks made her laugh. “Like, why did you get that?” she asked before the video cut off.

TikTok reacts to influencer’s car opinions

Thousands of TikTok users flooded the comment section, criticizing SJ over her opinions.

“She wants a Benz or Beemer but she has smart car attitude,” one user wrote. “Something tells me if you asked her what she brings to the relationship, she’d say ‘me,'” another quipped.

“Next time when someone asks me what a red flag is I’m going to show this video,” a third commented. “I hope this is satire,” someone else said.

There were a few, however, that found SJ’s video rather amusing. “I laughed so hard when you said ‘this pic makes me laugh,'” one user said. “Everyone’s being mean but you’re honestly funny,” another wrote.

The content creator seemed unbothered by the criticism, as she wrote in the comments: “I like to come and see what kind of funny insults people come up with, mostly people just calling me ugly. Kinda boring lol.”

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