iDubbbz calls out Logan Paul for DinkDoink cryptocurrency “scam”

Logan Paul and iDubbzInstagram, Logan Paul, DinkDoink, iDubbbz

YouTuber iDubbbz has called out Logan Paul for his alleged involvement in the cryptocurrency “DinkDoink” calling it a “scam”.

In a video posted to his YouTube channel on July 12, iDubbbz breaks down Paul’s promotion of the cryptocurrency. He goes on to allege that Paul is attempting to scam his followers in order to generate money.

iDubbbz in the video says that he finds “it so annoying how untransparent they are about this”.

DinkDoink has been described by Paul as a “crypto-meme-coin” with various memes relating to the cryptocurrency posted on its social media channels.

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YouTuber Logan Paul holding Charizard Pokemon CardYouTube/Logan Paul
Logan Paul is also an avid Pokemon card collector.

In the video, iDubbbz describes it as a “new cryptocurrency that has an animation element to it” but does not believe “those two elements are connected in any way”.

The YouTuber also alleges that Paul and others are attempted to replicate the successes of DogeCoin. DogeCoin is another cryptocurrency that rose off the back of memes, influencers, and online popularity.

In one segment, iDubbbz jokes that the biggest sign it is a “scam” in his opinion is that “this is probably the damning piece of evidence…because it’s not hilarious”.

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Logan Paul’s links to DinkDoink

Logan’s reported links to DinkDoink were first known after it was revealed in a podcast that Paul had allegedly helped design the cryptocurrency’s logo.

The CEO of DinkDoink said: “We might as well be honest about how this came about…I was chilling with Logan and we were like, what’s the most stupidest name we can think of for a coin? Dink Doink… and it just came alive.”

Paul has continued to excessively promote the new cryptocurrency on his channels. He described the coin as “my favorite one, to be honest, it’s so much more than a meme coin.”

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Despite the promotion by Paul and others, Dink Doink’s value has largely been in decline since its public launch.

At the time of writing, it sits at rank #2996 on CoinMarketCap after a slight increase in value on July 13.