Jake Paul gifts Dustin Poirier his ‘Sleepy McGregor’ chain: “Want the ankle snapped?”

Jake Paul Dustin Poirier Sleepy McGregorInstagram: Jake Paul / Dustin Poirier

Jake Paul took his mockery of Conor McGregor to the next level by offering Dustin Poirier his $100k ‘Sleepy McGregor’ chain, and when he accepted, he volunteered to snap its ankle.

After getting dominated for most of the first round, Conor McGregor lost to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 via TKO due to a horrific leg break that appeared to have been caused by a leg check.

However, people haven’t been overly sympathetic towards McGregor since he spent a lot of time trash-talking in the lead-up to the fight and after it, claiming Poirier’s wife was “in his DMs.”

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But Jake Paul is perhaps the most unsympathetic of them all.

He’s been trying to get McGregor’s attention for months after taunting him to accept a $50 million fight offer, which he’s now lowered to $23. Before the fight, he had a $100,000 custom chain made, which he nicknamed ‘Sleepy McGregor.’ It captured the moment McGregor was lying on the canvas after his first loss to Poirier.

And now it’s Poirier’s prize, after Paul offered it to him as a gift, and he accepted.

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“Dustin Poirier, want me to ship this to you? $100k gift from me. I think you deserve it. Let me know,” he wrote on Twitter.

It took him a while, presumably due to the post-fight celebrations and a night of well-deserved sleep. However, the UFC star eventually responded and told Jake to “send it over.”

“Gotchu,” replied Jake. “You want the ankle snapped off, or do you wanna do it?” – a clear reference to the horrific leg break. Some people saw the funny side in his joke; after all, the internet has been making a meal out of McGregor’s situation by plastering memes everywhere.

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However, McGregor fans weren’t impressed. They told him that his words will come back to haunt him if the two ever square off in the octagon. 

For a long time, Jake’s comments didn’t seem to phase McGregor in the slightest. He brushed them off like they were nothing. But that all changed recently when McGregor called the Paul brothers “dingbats” and said he was open to fighting them.

Jake also claimed a fight between them could happen “in the next two years”. So, it seems like he’s trying to annoy McGregor enough to make it happen.

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