Jaclyn Hill hits back at accusations of “lying” about attempted kidnapping

Jaclyn Hill hits back at accusations of faking near kidnappingYouTube: Jaclyn Hill

YouTube star and makeup mogul Jaclyn Hill is slamming accusations of fibbing about being the victim of an attempted kidnapping, which she detailed in a shocking Twitter thread.

Jaclyn Hill is a well-known name in the YouTube beauty community. Boasting over 5 and a half million subscribers, Hill has diversified her content from product launches and makeup tutorials to sharing recipes and hosting fun Q & A sessions with her boyfriend.

However, Hill also boasts her fair share of critics, many of whom sprang up in wake of her controversial lipstick launch in 2019… and it seems that some of these critics are accusing her of lying about a horrifying experience she endured the weekend of July 10.

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In a Twitter thread, Hill explained that she’d nearly been kidnapped by two men at night while she was outside, alone.

“I seriously had one of the scariest experiences of my life last night,” Hill wrote. “Two guys were literally trying to physically pull me into their car while I was alone outside. Thank you Jesus that I’m okay, but that was so traumatizing!”

Hill then promised to follow up to further explain the situation so that others could learn from her experience in case — God forbid — they find themselves in a similar scenario.

“I’m still so shook up right now,” the influencer continued. “And it’s bulls**t women have to be scared of these things.”

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However, it doesn’t seem like everyone believed Hill’s post, prompting the beauty Tuber to speak out against these critics in a pointed tweet a day later.

“The fact people are accusing me of lying about what happened to me this weekend is absolutely disgusting!!!” she wrote. “You are the reason why so many people don’t speak up about things that happen to them.”

Hill spoke further on the situation in an Instagram story published later the same day, claiming she was “livid” over commenters accusing her of faking her story and even revealing that her own mother was heavily affected by the terrifying event.

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“It’s because of people like you that women don’t come forward when bad things happen,” Hill re-iterated.

Thankfully, it seems that Hill is being met with a slew of support from other survivors and fans, shining a light of positivity on an otherwise hair-raising situation.