Hype House member reveals she’s been “kicked out” already

Instagram: Renata Ri

19-year-old Renata Ri has amassed over 19.2 million followers on TikTok, with an added 1.3 million fans on Instagram.

With content consisting of lifestyle and POV, the star constantly pushes over a million views on each of her videos, consistently making her one of the top trending TikTokers.

After joining the Hype House in December of 2021, Ri recently revealed to fans she was “kicked out” of the group after only being with the collective for a few months.

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TikTok star Renata Ri “kicked out” of Hype House

On Saturday, April 2, 2022, Ri posted a TikTok titled “when you don’t know how to dance,” where fans flooded her comment section asking whether or not she was still part of the group.

One fan asked “You are not in Hype House anymore?” to which Ri replied with “yep I got kicked out.”

An unnamed source close to Hype House manager Thomas Petrou revealed to Dexerto that the two allegedly had a falling out after Ri got into a fight with one of the Hype Houses’ newer members, Tabitha Watosh, causing Petrou to kick her out.

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Fans responding to the drama on TikTok and Instagram though, don’t seem surprised by the development.

“She definitely deserved it but I wanna know if there was a reason bc Thomas didn’t seem to care about her being problematic so,” one commenter said.

“She was introduced as a new member idk why she participated so little tho,” another replied, while a further comment read “I was wondering why we never saw her in any content.”

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Ri’s announcement comes just days after Hype House announced their new lineup as well.

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