How to watch Dana Terrace’s charity Twitch stream

How to watch Dana Terrace charity twitch stream 1Twitter: Dana Terrace / Disney / Twitch

The creator of Disney’s ‘Owl House,’ Dana Terrace, is orchestrating a charity livestream to benefit LGBTQ+ organizations. Here’s how to tune in.

On the morning of March 7, Disney CEO Bob Chapek sent out a company-wide internal memo claiming the entertainment giant would “unequivocally” support its LGBTQ+ employees.

This news came after the passing of the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill by Florida’s House of Representatives, which would prevent the discussion of gender identity and sexuality in classrooms.

(The bill has not yet been passed and is awaiting advancement to the Senate on Tuesday, March 8.)

Disney Owl HouseDisney
Owl House features a cast of LGBTQ+ characters.

Reports claim that Disney made large contributions toward legislators in support of the bill.

In response to Chapek’s email, ‘Owl House’ creator Dana Terrace published a video via Twitter hitting back at the statement and announced an upcoming livestream to benefit LGBTQ+ organizations.

Terrace called Chapek’s memo a “bunch of flowery and compassionate words to shut you up” and cited her own experiences “coming to terms with [her] queerness” as a young person “because of stuff like this,” citing the bill.

“Man, I know I got bills to pay, but working for this company has made me so distraught, and I hate moral quandaries about how I feed myself and support the people I love,” she said of the matter.

How to watch Dana Terrace charity Twitch stream

In response to Disney’s internal memo regarding the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, Terrace is holding a charity live stream via Twitch to benefit LGBTQ+ organizations.

Those wishing to participate can tune in at Terrace’s official Twitch channel.

The Twitch stream will go live on Sunday, March 13, although no specific time has yet been published at the time of writing.

Thus far, support for Terrace’s upcoming stream has been overwhelming, with replies to her tweet thanking the animator for her public statement regarding the subject.

Chapek says that Disney is set to have “a more fulsome conversation about [its political contributions] at the company-wide Reimagine Tomorrow Summit in April.”