How to get the viral AI Headshots filter on TikTok

Kawter Abed
TikTok user trying out the AI Headshots filter

TikTok users are experimenting with a popular AI generated headshots filter, which turns their selfies into professional-looking images. Heres’s how to get it.

The latest trend on TikTok sees users try out a number of different AI filters and effects, before sharing their results in short clips, which often garner over thousands of likes and views.

Most recently, a hyper-realistic AI-generated headshots filter has been sweeping the app, as it transforms casual selfies into an expertly crafted headshot, complete with office wear, making them perfect for LinkedIn profiles and other professional settings.

This effect uses artificial intelligence to blend your face onto a model wearing business attire. The end result is stunningly realistic portraits.

So far, it’s proving to be a game changer, allowing users to create impressive headshots without any need for a photographer or a formal setting. Here’s how to try the filter out for yourself.

How to use the AI Headshots filter

The AI Headshots filter is available on a free app called Remini. After you have downloaded it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open Remini.
  2. Choose ‘AI Photos’ at the bottom.
  3. Select eight photos of yourself from your camera roll.
  4. Click ‘Continue’ and select your gender.
  5. Choose a professional-looking model from the options shown.
  6. Press ‘Use this model image.’
  7. Wait for the images to generate.
  8. Save the ones you like.

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