How to do the ‘moving green screen’ trend on TikTok

Two TikTok users use the moving green screen effectTikTok: gabby_murrayy / regangramza

TikTok is loving the new ‘moving green screen’ effect that allows you to combine two videos, and people have already made a viral trend out of the nifty filter.

While apps like Instagram and Snapchat have plenty of filters to choose from, TikTok has certainly upped its game with regards to effects in the past year or so.

Whether it’s in the form of beauty or lighting filters, or bizarre animated scenes you can place yourself into, the app has it all, and is developing new filters on a near-constant basis.

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One of the platform’s most popular effects is the green screen, which allows users to project an image of themselves over a background, that they can select from their camera roll.

Now, TikTok has taken it even further with the ‘moving green screen effect.’

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Here, users can film a new video over a different video from their camera roll, and the clip underneath is revealed only by a square that moves around the screen.

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Many are using it to layer two different images of themselves — one happy and one sad — a trend that has taken off quickly.

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Moving Green Screen filter trend tutorial

If you want to participate in the trend, doing so is fairly straightforward, and can yield some really cool-looking results when lined up perfectly.

  1. Go to your camera roll, and record the video that you want playing inside the moving square. Many choose to lip-sync to popular TikTok sounds.
  2. Trim the video to the exact length you want it to be, and add a black and white filter.
  3. Launch TikTok, go to the Discover tab, and search ‘moving green screen.’
  4. Click the pink record button next to the filter.
  5. When you are prompted to insert a video, select the video you just filmed from your camera roll.
  6. Once you’ve inserted your video, click the record button to start filming your second video, and the box will move around the screen automatically.

For the full effect, you might need to experiment with different timings, as well as ensure that you are at the same distance from the camera in both videos to give it that x-ray effect. However, the results are often well worth it.

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